LEC 99.9% Pure Water Baby Wipes

Just came back from Mid Valley / The Gardens shopping mall and I have exciting news to share!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

World First, Japan No 1
99.9% Pure Water Baby Wipes
is now available for sale in Malaysia at Isetan KL!!!

The product is originated from Japan and then brought to Singapore, and now it is finally here - in Malaysia. How does that sound, baby? *_*

99.9% pure water baby wipes Isetan KL

Absolutely kawaii max baby wipes case which comes in the choice of Hello Kitty, My Melody and Gudetama.

And they have a wide range of wipes to choose from...

Best thing is these wipes are not just to be used by babies, it can also be used by adults or the whole family. No age limit yea!

Well of course I was overwhelmed by joy and could not resist to grab some of these back home! Always been a loyal fan of Hello Kitty and proud supporter of Japanese products. ;) 

Just look at how cute the baby wipes case is...

Super in love and tempted to grab everything back home wtf.

1 Baby Wipes Case + 4 packs of Wet Sheets 80pcs - for RM79.90 only! What a bargain ok!!
Also for 3 days starting tomorrow (25/3) onwards, IMC holders will get an additional 5% off.

Y'know the usual price for just the wipes case in Singapore is $24.90 so this is just too good to be true...

Unbelievable? Well believe it!

I still remember buying from Singapore once and the price is even more expensive due to currency conversion. So I should emphasize once again - THIS IS A VERY GOOD DEAL INDEED!

After all, it is the purest and safest wipes formulated for baby with sensitive skin.
  •           NO diaper rash
  •           NO allergy
  •           NO harmful chemicals
  •           No preservative
  •           Precise moderate moisture content
  •           Free from skin stimulants
Made out of the safest ingredients (Only 0.1% of Anti-Bacterial & Moisturizer Ingredients
99.9% of pure water).

  •     NO harmful contents
  •     NO Alcohol
  •     NO Parabens - preservative
  •     NO Aroma chemical/artificial fragrant
  •     NO Propylene Glycol - preservatives

The types of baby wipes are as below:
1.   LEC 99.9% Pure Water Everyday Baby Wipes - Blue
For everyday use on face, hands and whole body. Extra care with moderate and natural moisture, no harmful chemical, no more nappy rash, designed for gentle caring.
•Size: 180 x 150mm
•Material: Polyester, ES fiber

2.   LEC 99.9% Pure Water Thick for New Born Baby Wipes - Yellow
Extra Thick & Soft formula, specially for New Born, baby with very sensitive skin and breastfeeding baby. Also safe and gentle caring for mothers breasts.
•Size: 180 x 150mm
Thickness: 55gm/msq
Material: Rayon, Polyester

3.   Pure Water Hand & Mouth Baby Wipes - Pink
For Hand & Mouth, gently remove grease n dirt with anti-bacterial Green Tea Extract. Good for baby and children on solids.

4.   Hello Kitty & My Melody 99.9% Pure Water Wet Wipes
Extra Soft & Moisture for all caring, no allergy, no harmful chemical use with peace of mind for the Hello Kitty or
My Melody lovers!!!

So here you go - World First, Japan No 1 99.9% Pure Water Wipes


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