Faux Leather Items

In the past during my late teens, I was totally crazily obsessed with shopping. I used to purchase tons of clothes, shoes, handbags, accessories, anything & everything fashion-related. Bought em' all like there was no tomorrow! Even when I just had one body to put them onto!!

I bought way more than what I needed to.
I bought way more than what I could ever wear.
I bought way more than what my wardrobe could fit.

Worse thing is, most of the things which I bought was not even put to use at all wtf!

Seriously trust me, you don't wanna know how much money was poured into all of that. Before even having the capability of earning my own bucks, I had seriously wasted a lot of money. Blame the raging teenage hormones! 


And the most hurtful truth ever was that a lot of my faux leather items (mostly shoes and handbags) had either cracked / peeled / flaked, basically the skin just came off like nobody's business. -___-

Ever seen a snake changing its skin?
Yea it is just like that.
But not a happy news!

I had to throw away all my faux leather / fake skin items just like that. Mostly worn only once or twice and then kept inside the cupboard until recently, while the rest are brand new ones which are not even worn yet!

Poor things. Poor me. :(

one of my favourite boots from Treats

another one of my favourite boots (with lace summore!)

handbags flaking like mad I can't even

so sad that I have to give up this - my hubby's gift

THOSE WERE NOT THE ONLY ONES YEA (refer above pictures).
I have had to throw out more that what I took down.
Heartache to see their condition, yet could not continue using/keeping them anymore!

Well, I have learned my lesson. The hard way, of course!

Hubby told me there were possibly shops which could repair them. But I thought that the repair cost would be on-par or much higher than buying a new one, hence I didn't even think twice to give up instead.

I did consider to donate it, but then I thought like who in the world would wanna use these kinda things? Even if the ever-falling flakes did not annoy them as hell, it would probably at least cause a terrible mess around.

So please yea, take my advice - DO NOT ever buy bags/wallets/shoes with fake leather skin! If you can afford it, it is always best to buy genuine leather items which is more valuable and also worthy of the long run.

When I was young, I was naive and not-so-educated.
But now that I know, I will behave in a more matured manner and also try to spend my money wisely.

I do not wanna lie. I still am (a shopaholic), but honestly it had significantly reduced very much ever since I had my first child. So thank God for babies/kids/children! :D


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