Birth - Aging - Sickness - Death (生老病死)

Birth - Aging - Sickness - Death (生老病死)
This tells us that life is not permanent.
In this world, no one can live forever or have an eternal life.

Buddhism teaches that the four sufferings of birth, aging, sickness and death are an inescapable part of life. The crucial thing is not to be defeated by them.

These are the stages of life which every human being has to go through, no doubt about it.

Stages of Life

We just lost a loved one early this morning. Too early for him.
Feeling sad and have been reflecting on it.

Word of advice to all - do treasure all your loved ones, spend more time with your family, and live life as if each moment is your last one.

Quoting some words of wisdom by Daisaku Ikeda as I have been reading his quotes on life & death, as well as his stories of hope...

The experience of losing a loved one impels us toward a deeper understanding of life. Everyone fears and is saddened by death. That is natural. But by struggling to overcome the pain and sadness that accompanies death, we become sharply aware of the dignity and preciousness of life and develop the compassion to share the sufferings of others as our own.
From the standpoint of eternity, there is hardly any difference between a “long” and a “short” life. Therefore, it’s not whether one’s life is long or short, but how one lives that is important. It is what we accomplish, the degree to which we develop our state of life, the number of people we help become happy—that is what matters.

Just need to stay strong, continue motivating and taking care of the rest of our family members for now.


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