2015 Birthday Wishlist

Ever since I became a mother, I really do not have much time for myself. Neither did I get to spend much money on myself. Most of the time I just stayed at home (like a homemaker) taking care of my baby and doing house chores. So I finally got a taste of what a stay-at-home-mom's (SAHM) life is like.

Life is meaningful yes, coz you get to see how your child grow up & more; but sometimes I do feel bored because I am not someone who can get used to staying at home all the time. I needed to get out there to see the world and things SHOP! =P

Anyway it is approaching the time of the month - my birthday, and I do have some simple wishes on my mind. Hehe.

[ #1 - iPhone 6S (rose gold)]

I know I know, I just got myself the iPhone 6 middle of this year and now I want another new phone? Well, why not? Who asked Apple to launch something so pretty so soon!!! It consist of 2 of my favourite colors - PINK and ROSE GOLD. OMG how can I resist myself?!

But then the price is really on the high end, due to our weak Ringgit Malaysia. How to afford one? Unless it is a gift lor. :(

Honestly I am a really big fan of Apple products. I love how simple the design is, and yet so functional & easy to use. I love iPhones so much! In fact, my Year 2010 birthday wishlist had iPhone 4 on it.

Apple all the way~~~ *lol*

[ #2 - Trip to Japan/Korea or anywhere nice please]

Again please. I am dying to travel again soon. It has been years since I last traveled and I really miss those 2 countries a lot!!!

Sadly, our country Malaysia's currency - Ringgit has weakened too much suddenly and also lots of negative news about Malaysia is not helping at all. Now our money is really quite low worth and you really cannot expect to spend much, travel much or do anything much. One will just have to save up instead. Sigh.

Also, how I wish that I can roam around freely whenever and wherever I want... But I cannot, I have responsibilities to shoulder. T_T

So if it is a sponsored trip, then I guess I would have no reason not to go... right? :D

[ #3 - 名牌包包]

I really wanted a new branded handbag. I have been itching so much for it but the time is just not right and opportunity is not there.

To tell you something, I really had not been pampering myself at all in the past 1 year. No visits to the spa/salon/massage parlor/nail parlor coz there is simply NO TIME. No new clothes/bags/shoes/etc for myself. The only relaxation which I received was a few sessions of good ole' massage from my hubby - effective yet cost-free. Hence, I really wanted to have something good which I think that I deserve after all the hard work in life.


Again, I will always limit myself to 3 wishes. Sounds just nice and I do not wanna be too greedy. =P


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