Upgrade: Hotmail to Outlook

Ever since mid-February when Microsoft announced that they are closing Hotmail, my Hotmail dashboard had a special tab on the top most level requesting that I upgrade to Outlook.com.

For most of the time, I had ignored it and pretended that it's presence wasn't there. LOL

However today was the day that I decided to upgrade my hotmail to outlook.com once and for all. Well, Microsoft's hotmail is going to phase-out soon anyway.

Then voila... I got Outlook.com's clean, Metro-Style interface for their mail. Woots. Not bad. I love it so far, even though I still needed more time getting used to it. :)

Immediately, I had also changed the tab color to Pink (in place of the original Blue one). ;)

IMO, this new Outlook.com provides a really clean and fresh-looking dashboard and it is also much more organized, plus being much easier to find what I want to find and composing new emails. Wow.

So peeps, what do you think about the new Outlook.com eh?

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