Life of a Full-Time Dreamer

Dream dream. It is always good for a person to have a dream. But what if a person has more than a dream? What if a person has too many dreams?

Well, to dream of things is a good thing. One must be dare to dream! ;)

A girly girl like me always tend to dream. Never have I not dreamed, as I am a full time dreamer. I did not ever stop dreaming of fantasy, magical, miracle, all the good things nice things sweet things!

But there's one thing that often happen to a full time dreamer like me is... one don't always get their "dreams come true". Coz real life world is that cruel, and this is not fantasy at all, it is reality! :(

Today was really a sad day for me. Hopes, dreams, wishes...shattered.

I don't know what's wrong with me but I always tend to have these stuff going on and it always tend to turn back on me.

Happens every single time! #truestory Now I dare not have those anymore. T___T

Anyway, nice day with nice dates, I hope I can say bye bye to you for good. Stop haunting me, making me want you and demanding satisfaction. There ain't nothing spectacular gonna happen.

I just keep find me telling myself, "Dream on but you're just gonna get disappointed! Just like last year and last last year and last last last year wtf!"

Maybe there's no more hope in this world or for this world. Maybe I should just give up. Maybe I just said maybe for too many times and maybe this is not a good idea.

Oh wow. Philosophical now eh?

Too much for a simple girl to take on.

Dream, dream, say good night...


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