Saving Up for Vera Wang Bridal

Ever since my childhood days, I dreamed of having a perfect fairy-tale wedding, like any princess would dream of.

I believe it is every woman's dream to have a wonderful wedding! And I realized that in order to have that kind of wedding, I need to get a prince charming (found!) and an absolutely stunning bridal gown (or several~). :)

I did some research and apparently there is no other better wedding gowns than Vera Wang. Simple yet exuding a class of its own!

Found several places with VW boutique. I then decided to save up starting from now, little by little, in order to make my dreams come true.

I will try NOT to waste money on unnecessary stuffs/items.
I will try very hard NOT to succumb to temptations or seductions.
I will try my best to always remind myself to save, save and SAVE.
I will try to buy lesser Victoria's Secret, leopard-print, Hello Kitty or any pink stuffs (unless it is dirt-cheap :P).

All that, in order for me to be the most prettiest bride ever!!!!!!!!!

Well, I deserve to have the best for my once-in-a-lifetime kinda life event!

I shall not compromise my happiness. The best thing in my life is my happiness. :D


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