Happy New Year 2012

I have had the most memorable start of a new year so far!!!

Counting down 10 . 9 . 8 . 7 . 6 . 5 . 4 . 3 . 2 . 1 . HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012 and admiring those gorgeous fireworks with love seems all too beautiful. :)

There's a strong feeling telling me that things are going to be great this year. I just know it. Though feeling sleepy and tired (because I don't usually sleep so late), but I am glad.

Due to lack of proper rest, I woke up with a heavy headache this morning. But I got over it and woke up to welcome this new day of the new year, only to find my no-life-non-stop-game-freak sister started her day by gaming all the way wtf. -_-"

Ignored her, went downstairs to have a cuppa and then did some house chores. Side note, mum made the best curry mee ever for our lunch. Slurrrps~

Yes, time flies and it's 2012 already!

I gave some thought about my resolutions for this year. This time round, I wanted to set some realistic, appropriate and achievable ones! *grins*

I resolve to:
(1) Grow more beautiful and sexy (to fit nicely into certain outfits *grins*)
(2) Get a good job of my interest
(3) Try something which is out of my comfort zone (mountain/rock climbing, bungee jumping, etc)
(4) Travel to at least one overseas country which I've yet been to
(5) Run more marathons
(6) Ensure that myself is healthy and in good shape/condition

Life... it's a beautiful miracle. :) Don't you agree?

Well, you'll see...


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