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Remember I mentioned before that RapidKL will be implementing this whole new Bus Ticketing System? Well, it's only just today that I finally saw those machines (which were installed in buses around few weeks ago) operated while boarding the bus early this morning. =D

Looking all high-tech, but I don't get to use it yet. Since I don't have the card. Aww... Shucks.

I saw many people in the bus holding a flyer in their hands. Wanted to ask how they got them initially, because I also want to read and find out more information about this New Bus Ticketing System (NBTS) marh. But eventually I didn't ask. Too tired as usual, so I just slept in the bus until reached the destination. =P

As a frequent public transport taker, of course I am very aware of their recent updates & etc. I always watch AsiaMediaTV (transit tv) on the bus summore. There's this video keep introducing the NBTS. -.-

Seems news have also announced that starting 27 February 2011, RapidKL will launch a whole new system for the purchase of bus tickets. This new bus ticketing system will use the Touch & GO (TnG) card and it'll be very easy to purchase or reload!

It is known that this system will be introduced in stages, starting with 16 routes. Estimated that by the end of March, all buses will be completed with this whole new system. Cool ain't it? ;) Mind you that this NBTS is paperless! :D

The system has four main components, Ticket Seller Machine; Smart Card Reader non-contact; Electronic Ticket Machine; as well as GPS detecting system. Key points:
  • Accuracy: GPS tracking
  • Accessibility: Integration & Connectivity
  • Environmentally Friendly: Go Green
  • Easy: Smart Ticketing System

Though this new system known as "Bit Sekali Masuk, Bit Sekali Keluar", passengers only need to touch the electronic card payment machine when boarding the bus and the maximum fare for the route will be displayed and charged. However, the real fare amount will be minus out and the overcharged fare will be credited back into the TnG card when the passenger touch their card when alighting at the chosen destination.

Sounds freaking familiar isn't it???
Well, for those of you who ever went to Singapore before, you will know that this system was already implemented by their government ages agoooooooo. LOL~

Oh well, it's never too late for Malaysia to be having this now, right? Hmm...

FYI, NBTS will be implemented for the following bus routes on the following scheduled dates:
  • Kajang, Cheras dan Sungai Besi (8 Mac).
  • Sentul, Segambut, Lembah Pantai (11 Mac).
  • Keramat, Melawati, Gombak (14 Mac).
  • Shah Alam, Puncak Perdana, Klang (17 Mac). Selayang, Batu Caves (19 Mac).
  • Kepong Mah Sing, Damansara Jalan Duta (21 Mac).
  • Kelana Jaya, SS2, Sea Park (23 Mac).
  • Pandan, Ampang (26 Mac).

Duration of launch period if from 27 Feb 2011 to 26 Mar 2011. :)
For more info, kindly log on to this website:

Just buy and reload on the bus. It's so easy! =D

Do take a look at the video below for greater understanding of how this NBTS works. And do have a laugh or two in the process yea! ;)

(really seriously, I tell you that aunty/uncle made me LMAOLOLROFLWTFBBQSAUCE on the bus for so many times already!)


On the way back home from work today, I saw a lady holding a white envelope (opened), a flyer and also a PINK rabbit design Touch&Go card !!! OMG so chiooo I want one too lorh! =3

A side note, I noticed that lots of sales have slowly started already! WooHoo. More shopping for me, more joy for my soul. :)

Oh yea btw, I can almost smell how exciting this weekend will be. Hehe. Hint: Balloons!



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