New Year oh New Year

I have just finished disinfecting myself thoroughly with generous amounts of soap and shampoo. Ahh finally relaxed. Been picturing the major disaster I've gone through today. Took wrong bus twice, forget to trim nails and wipe off nail polish, and so on. Seriously, I would think that something not right is cursing this very day. Really FTS!

After all this years of not taking Metrobus at all, suddenly I took up courage to do so. Only to find myself terribly not liking it. Curso! Ban it ban it ban it from now on. >:(

All these while I have been doing the necessary calculations silently in my mind. And I'm starting to consider getting a car, for real, no matter what the costs are! WHY? Oh very simple. It's simply because Malaysia's public transport is terribly inefficient and time wasting! Zzz...

Well, today is a back to work day. I really didn't want to work, but had to. It had been nice for the first day, meeting new people and starting afresh. Luckily. Thank God for all that. :)

And now since I am more oftenly hanging around shopping mall, I've been wandering, wondering, and observing... Hmm...

Why are there couples looking so freaking free dating and hanging around in the mall? Seriously they are obviously of working adult age, but still wearing casually and doing shopping together? OMG. No need to work? Just shop everyday? OMG if yes then I really jealous loh! Money fall from sky wan arh? O_o

Recently I have been thinking so much of shopping. I need new clothes, new shoes, new bags and etc. Those stuffs are kinda like my necessity! Hehehe. If only I'm a rich man's daughter, then I don't even need to think twice about buying things. I just buy whatever I like and whatever I want. Muahaha.

It's a new year. And I've been pondering lots. I haven't been starting off the new year right. It's not good. And I have some sorta feeling that this year's not gonna be very pleasant. Rocky road ahead. T_T

First day - been sad and crying
Second day - been involved in something terribly wrong and not supposed to
Third day - been through various obstacles and challenges

Great. Just what am I suppose to think or expect now? :(((


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