Go Ahead. Smoke to die early!

I would consider today as a much better day. However there are still awful stuffs along the way...

Nowadays it seems almost impossible to avoid smokers. WTF.
I hate smokers! Effin hate em'. >:(

Why the heck do you people need to smoke anyway???

Looks cool? Sorry but I don't think so!
Wanting to release stress? Sorry but I do not think slowly killing yourself is the right thing to do.
People are doing it, so are you? Haha so laughable. You make yourself look like a follower dog or something.

I seriously don't understand!
It is like burning tons and tons of money with fire... What a waste!

Anyway, if you want to die faster, please DO NOT drag others into your whirlpool of death. Tq.
Stop spreading the second hand smoke fumes!

I seriously think that the most terrifying are woman smokers! Aren't women supposed to look gentle and act gentle? Whatever happened to women-kind??? NoNoNo, I think I should say that the worst are malay smokers! Isn't this smoking thing consider illegal or 'haram' for them? WTF how can they act against their own religion. Such immorality!

Curse all smokers. I hope all of you die early and die fast! Oh wait I forgot, I don't think I even need to do so because since you guys started the habit, you have already cursed your ownself and put yourself on the fast-track train on the way to death. I think I should probably just say sayonara to you people. Bye bye.

Pffftttttt !


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