Getting Sick of Getting Sick

Ever since I started my career with a proper job, a strange phenomena has landed upon me. I seem to get sick at least once every single month! It's like there's no escape from it. Not that I think of it in the negative way, but it really happens like this. SIGH.

I don't like this situation at all, but forced to deal with it every time. The same ole' sickness every time. Fever + Sore Throat + Running Nose. Until I got sick of getting sick, like really!!! >:(

No wonder my mum keep telling me that I look thin. I always get sick wud. Get sick, then eat not so nutritious kind of food, of course will shed at least some weight! -_-"

Some times I wonder if it's a kind of blessing God has given me. So that I could fulfill my dream of being super thin or having a near-to-super-thin kind of body figure. WTF.

If this phenomena really continues to take place, I'm afraid that sooner or later I might just turn into someone like one of the girls in those pictures below. Anorexic-ly thin. LOL.

Conclusion for this post is : I HATE BEING SICK !


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