Time During Weekdays Just Flyyy

Hello Readers.

It's been a while. :)

I have been trying hard to find time to blog. But the thing is, there isn't much time. *sobs*

And then I have tons of delayed & overdue posts to write up on. Sigh.

All humans are limited to 24 hours per day.

I need my 8 hours of beauty sleep per day.
Work is 8 hours per day.
Meals are 2.5 hours per day (Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner).
Shower perhaps 0.5 hour per day.

And so, I did some simple calculations...

24 - 8 - 8 - 2.5 - 0.5 = 5

I only have 5 hours left (per day, on weekday).
Then again, traveling to work place time haven't count. Take away another 1 hours plus.
Chit chatting with people also. Take away another 1 hour.

LEFT 2 hours plus only!!!

Do what oh?



*kicks the air*

Weekday's time just fly pass so quickly.
Weekend's time just flash by even more quicker.

Oh God. I really need more time, more time!

p. s. Yea I know. Ranting does not help at all. It won't get me anywhere.


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