Teenage Dream is #1 on Billboard Hot 100 charts

Okay. Here I go again. Exclaiming my love for Katy Perry excitedly, in hoping that my dear readers would bear with me. =P

Remember how I blogged about Katy Perry's latest hit single here? Also dedicated so much love for Katy Perry here? *woops*

Too much - some might consider. However, I still think that the Teenage Dream album is real awesome!

And I gotta say this... not only the album cover captures attention, the songs too! Very much indeed. You gotta listen in order to believe it. ;)

I'm feeling kinda shy to say that I naughtily downloaded the album over the web. Purely out of curiosity though. Initially wanted to purchase the album, but after heading over to Rock Corner and finding out the price was RM42.90, I just had to think twice about it. =X

By the way, do check out the official track listing for ‘Teenage Dream’ at this website.

I have enlisted it in this post too. :)

1. Teenage Dream
(All time favourite love song - teenage style!)

2. Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)
(This is so gonna be the song which I sing every Friday!

3. California Gurls feat. Snoop Dogg
(Cheeky, fun, and flirty song which I heart never-endingly!)

4. Firework
(Simple yet very romantic song. Makes me feel like serenading someone.

5. Peacock
(OMG did I tell you how much I LOVE this particular song! The boys too! *woops*)

6. Circle The Drain
(A song that makes me sing along and shake my booty too! Though I have to warn you, mind the vulgarity. However that's what makes the song fierce-yet-tame.)

7. The One That Got Away
(High-school-like song. Teenagehood - don't you miss it just like I do?)

8. E.T.
(Love the rhythm of the song. Ki-ki-kiss me. Ta-ta-take me. Hy-hy-hy-hypnotizing~)

9. Who Am I Living For?
(A more emotional kinda song. Expressing out all the feelings hidden deep down in the heart.)

10. Pearl
(Simple song with a simple rhythm, yet captivating and meaningful.)

11. Hummingbird Heartbeat
(First line says it all. LOL. A rock out song guaranteed to bring out that rock girl in you girls!)

12. Not Like The Movies
(The piano tunes are serenadingly sweet, gently describing the reality.)

OTHER: (Remix songs are pretty cool techno-like. Impressive.)

Mind you, words in bracket are my personal opinion and comments.

I must say, she impressed me a lot with all her songs from the new album. The variety and all sorts. Her style and skills. Damn I heart Katy Perry so much!

Okay, wait until I've saved enough money to purchase this album. Hehe.

I guess that's all for this post. Hope I didn't bore you. Sorry if I did though. =P


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