Pink Pink Pink

After the phone conversation with mum, I finally decided to unwrap the bouquet and put the flowers in a vase - in order to prolong their oh-so-short lifespan. Well not exactly a vase actually, it's just a glass-bottle-turned-into-vase. LOL~

Besides their aesthetic and sensory appeal, flowers can cheer people up. ^_^

I wanted so much to admire their beauty longer, smell their natural fragrance longer, and be happy viewing it longer. :) As we all know, beauty isn't permanent. Flowers bloom and wither. 花开花谢。

Ahhh the relief of that smell~~~

Btw, I really gotta say that I admire the skill of florists. They spend so much time and effort working with flowers and plants. Dealing with them ever-so-carefully, nurturing them like delicate babies, creating floral displays very creatively and so on.

If I am not mistaken, it took me around half an hour or more to unwrap it; while I think the florists took around 10 minutes to wrap it up. *shame shame* Anyway I was just guessing and making a rough estimate. The plastic wrappers, color design wrappers, ribbons, staples, cotton buds, cellophane tape, masking tape, etc... So many layers of them! *faints*

Right now, my bedroom is completely in an utterly disorganized mess and I can't seem to find time nor the urge to tidy it up. Basically it is just clothes everywhere. I gotta stop being lazy! =(

On an unrelated note, I just opened the can of "Hello Panda" cream biscuit snack. Bought it from a sale, very bargain indeed (especially if you compare with the ones sold in packets, where the quantity is less and it causes harm to the environment creating more plastics) ! When I thought of it, I should have bought more to stock up. =/

Not only the wrapper is in pink color, the strawberry fillings are pink too. Whee~ They are like my favorite biscuit snacks now! =D

Seriously, how can I not love more pink to my life?


Hilda Milda™ said...
Monday, September 27, 2010 10:35:00 pm

I've always love hello panda biscuits too! So pinky adorbale :D

YEN XOXO said...
Monday, October 18, 2010 10:12:00 pm

@Hilda: haha. *high5* gal. I'm now 1/5 way through the whole tube. :P

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