Not So Brightening Days

Many people seem to ask me why have he gone traveling, without me. And honestly, I really don't know what to answer them. Deep down inside, I clearly realized the fact that this wasn't the first time this is happening. Obviously, you know what these kind of things makes people think. -_-

All right, I think I am in no position to question anything. Which makes it even clear that I wasn't really the point. However, I should be glad that various situations had given me what I needed to know to decide properly.

What I can say is that the only relief I get these days is returning home safely and opening my room door to the surge of my own smell coming right at me. Ahhh the indescribable comfort and warmth I get from that.

Then also the part of hugging my beloved babies. :) Sniffing my pillows, bolster and blanket. Ahhh the love.

I can still afford to be happy and bliss even though I have been effin' p.o.'ed lately due to the stupid traffic jam and all the time spent waiting for public transports. I HATE EVERY SINGLE PART OF THAT! =(

You don't know how much I curse and loathe about all that, do you?

Well, I should say... do not make me go through any of this anymore, because seriously if this continues, I swear I'll get rich and hire a chauffeur!

Two more days left, I tell myself. It's another two more days to endure. You can do it! I really don't want this to become the reason why I hate work, y'know. Sigh.

Oh btw, Happy Mid-Autumn Festival people.

I'm not really having a good one here. No lanterns, no moon cakes, no family gathering. :(

The only things which I find having some slim chances in cheering me up is the random fireworks by anonymous people and the especially round-looking moon tonight. And oh yea, music too. Oh well, I guess that should do.

Sleeping early tonight. Well, not as early as compared to earlier nights, but at least before 12am you Cinderella. LOL.



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