I Officially Hate Cats Very Much Now!

Upon finishing up my dinner, I proceeded walking into the kitchen... and that is when all-of-a-sudden out-of-nowhere, I heard this effing loud NGIAOOOOOOOO (or MRRRRROWWW) sound !!!

WTF. I got freaked out intensely. :(
My heart almost jumped out y'know! *shit*

Cats are really annoying. YES THEY ARE! And I couldn't agree more to this.

Why in the world do they have to do certain things which makes them so unlikable?
Such as... ...

Stupid idiotic crazy-ass cats!
URGH I feel like strangling them~ One by one~~~

And there's like...

Found some pretty interesting images over the web, about hating cats...

And it's like SO TRUE!

I took a look outside the window and saw two cats outside staring into each others faces directly. Something like the following picture, but not exactly though. The picture was taken from Google website to illustrate the situation more vividly. =P

Speaking of the earlier incident, it was a very loud shriek indeed. Sounds like some sorta wild monster with a high pitched voice that not many people could withstand. But that wasn't the worse thing just yet, the two cats continued MRRRRRROWWW-ing at each other's faces. It's almost as if like they are competing to see who's voice is more high pitched or who's voice is more shriekish!

DAMN I really hate em' so much for doing so!

Makes me wonder why recently so many cats are doing so, around my neighborhood area. Or was it the same bunch of cats all these while anyway? -_-||

Honestly if it wasn't for the night time condition, I would have made the effort to open the gate, walk out with a giant sized water gun, or at least a big fireman-like hose and spray em' cats like mad with all the water that I can get! Then wave and say "SO LONG KITTEHS..."

And I don't understand why people can ever love cats.

Well I do have loving compassion, but very sorry lah, it is not for the cats (not in any single way)! PFFFTTT~

You Bloody Cats,
Do not ever dare linger around my house, or face my wrath!

I am just so not a cat person! GRRRRRRR...

Their fur, their more-than-creepy eyes, their longing for people to caress them, their 'manja-ness', their claws, their crave to play with furballs or perhaps scratch at your sofa/curtain/bed sheet material. Euuuu in utterly disgust !

p. s. Dogs can be so much more BETTER than Cats!


Weird Dan said...
Monday, September 06, 2010 1:30:00 pm

One thing. If u see 2 cats like this, it usually means mating calls.

YEN XOXO said...
Monday, September 06, 2010 9:17:00 pm

Well I actually suspected it too, coz it has been going on for few days liao. The NGIAOOO NGIAOOO sounds. -_-|| But I didn't witness them in action though. :P

Anonymous said...
Thursday, January 24, 2013 6:11:00 am

I hate cats

Anonymous said...
Saturday, December 13, 2014 6:54:00 pm

i love dogs but cats are EVIL

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