Hotlink Ramadan Hot Ticket

Recently, I received an sms informing about a great promotion...

Visit a Hotlink Dealer to buy Ramadan Hot Ticket RM15 to get 120min, 300sms (all networks, anytime, 10 days validity) and 2 pcs of KFC free. More info at

In conjunction with the coming Hari Raya festive season, Hotlink had created a special Ramadan Hot Ticket to sell to mobile phone users.

As shown in the picture above, one will get to enjoy benefits (as stated in point form) by purchasing either the RM10 or RM15 Ramadan Hot Ticket.

Well of course as you can see, the RM15 hot ticket is much more value for money. Hehe.

In my opinion, this Ramadan Hot Ticket is way worthy, especially if compared to the Hot Ticket sold during the South Africa 2010 FIFA World Cup Season. :)

Been doing some simple calculations and found out that this Ramadan Hot Ticket is really worthy. Plus you will get two pieces of KFC chicken for free! Now who doesn't love free food?

I'm actually salivating after hearing about this.
Reason: Haven't been visiting KFC for quite some time and currently kinda craving-so-badly for the fried chicken. *drools*

So what are you waiting for?
Muslim or non-muslim, hurry and grab those hot tickets!
They are selling fast like hot cakes now. ;)

If you want to seek more information, here's the link.



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