Free Remote Access

Today, I started learning about logmein in office. First time using this free service. Still very blur and still trying to figure out a lot of things. =X

Sad to say, I did not have a pleasant first experience. One thing that I mainly dislike that day was the PC I accessed was freaking ass slow. Can you believe I moved the mouse but the cursor when like z-z-z-z-z so damn effin' "fast" loh! -_-||

Four hours and problem not yet solved. WHY?
All thanks to the "efficiency" of the client's PC. I don't know why but seriously very the slow. I could have just slept by waiting for the mouse to move or words to appear on screen right after I typed em'! And I could have done so much in that amount of time, yet this whole thing has been lagging me down. =(

It was all just testing the amount of patience that I have. Urgh.
And fyi, I don't have a lot of patience!

Btw, remote access is about accessing someone else's PC from your own PC (right where you are), without needing to travel all the way to the someone else's PC. Yes, very convenient. But the thing is, there's one very big disadvantage - LAG!

Lag lag lag lag lag lag lag lag like mad arhhh~~~

I sweared I could have been thrown off my patience, grab the whole PC up and throw it as far as I could. *woops, sounded too ganas* Well, if only the PC is impact-resistant. =P

Suddenly, I recall back those days playing Pet Society in the faculty's computer lab. The internet connection is very much smooth. I love using the PC's in the lab because there's no lag at all. Me and my friends reasoned that it was because not much files/programs/what-so-ever junk inside the PC, that's why disk space still a lot and that prevented lag-ness. LOL~

Ahhhhhh, I miss the life of a student! So so so very much...

Working adult's life is really toughhh. And I mean it. *sigh*


rukawa said...
Monday, August 23, 2010 11:41:00 am

You do know right. in there is a setting above the page where you can change it to be basic (no colors) then it'll be faster.

some tech geek thingy.

YEN XOXO said...
Monday, August 23, 2010 9:56:00 pm

I don't know wor. Hahaha. Well anyway thanks for the tip, geeko! :P

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