August 2010, month of catastrophes

Alright. Maybe I exaggerated a little with the title of this post. Maybe the word "catastrophes" should be replaced with something which sound less bit cruel or less bit intense, such as "disasters", "uneventful incidents", "unfortunate events" or etc.

But still, I can't help but dislike this month! >:(

Initially, August was just like any other month of the year. It was until one bad thing by one bad thing rises, that made me hate this freaking month.

Wish I could just get over it. But I just can't!

And here I should list down all the series of events which was utterly awful (at least for me).


#1 Eye infection (suspected to be Blepharitis or Keratitis or Cellulitis, definitely not Conjunctivitis though).

#2 Continuous days not having any bowel movements. Terribly disappointing and frustrating for me to not feel that. Hmm.. Is 'constipated' the word to describe it? Well, when I finally felt it, there was a major pain in the a$$.

#3 In the event of having long toenails, I accidentally kicked my own right leg with ze' left leg, which hence leads to much bleeding right after. Fresh red blood. Eee-yuck!

#4 Fell sick for almost a week and still not yet recover. Bad sore throat and fever. Brain stunned. Urgh~

#5 One of the days, I did a bulk laundry-washing chore in the morning, only to realize that it rained super heavily with thunderstorms that afternoon. All my laundry was back to square one - wet, and I had to re-wash them all over again. *upset* Lesson learnt - always take in the clothes before leaving house off to somewhere else (no matter what!)

#6 Raining every day. So cold. So wet. So uncomfortable. So troublesome.

#7 Cut my hand while cooking. Thought it was just a light surface cut, but turns out deeper than what I imagined. -_-

#8 Two continuous days of having the worse stomach ache that I've ever had before. Plain sufferable. No one would understand what I've felt. Loss of appetite too.

#9 Did several things which I regretted very much indeed, however, at the same time thankful that I have yet to do things which I would very much regret in the end.

#10 Received a number of prank phone calls. All in the same day. WTF.

#11 Office phone rings for strange reasons, but when picked up, there was no response from the other end. Many many times. Just plain spooky and unexplainable. =/

#12 Even something like this just pops up to my mind...

Met you by an accident
I didn't realize
That my life would change forever
Saw you standing there
I couldn't even care
There was nothing special in the air

Dreams are a fake reality
The only kind of ridiculous fantasy
Illusions are an uncommon thing
I try to live out of dreams
It seems as if it's NOT meant to be

Dreams are a fake reality
The only kind of fake reality
Maybe my foolishness hasn't past
And maybe now at last
I'll see how a fake thing can be.

Dreams are a fake reality

A disastrous world where I hate to be
I dream of hating you all night
And hating you seems right
Perhaps that's my reality.

(What a joke. Find it funny? Laughable?)

Nothing pronounces reality to me now. Something to do with the "seventh month" eh?? Well I would most probably think so.

And, I should not say FML now because this is NOT MY LIFE. Not my life at all. I have a better life than this type of life. It was just temporarily blocked off by some gloomy dark clouds for the moment, and while I'm working my best to chase them away, I shall stay strong and not succumb to the wrong side.

Now I can't wait for this month to end, in hoping that September 2010 would be a far better month. Needless to say, I know October 2010 is gonna be a blast of a month. Lots of happy things involved. Absolutely can't wait! *crosses fingers with full of anticipation*


Merrinette said...
Wednesday, August 18, 2010 11:14:00 pm

aww.. *pats*
i'm not doing so well too
look forward for the coming days! ;)

YEN XOXO said...
Saturday, August 21, 2010 6:18:00 pm

@Merrinette thanks for cheering me. :)

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