You Raise Me Up

Doesn't it feel good???

That whenever you're feeling down (upset/ sad/ moody/ sick/ simply-just-unhappy), there is always someone there for you, someone there to bring you up again. Just like the feeling of riding in one of those hot air balloons. Up, up, up and away~~~

Though I've never really ride one before, but somehow I can confidently say that it feels good. Real good. :D Amidst the clear blue skies, flying high is a feeling so good that no one can say dislike to. The amounts of adrenaline and excitement involved! Just imagine...

Being brought back up again, to someplace far away from all the problems. How nice.

And to that someone who's around for me (no matter what the circumstances are), Thank You! You know who you are. ;)


suhaisweet said...
Friday, July 09, 2010 8:59:00 am

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