Few Songs from Vampire Diaries

Recently I've started watching this TV series called Vampire Diaries and I got myself very addicted to it (thanks to my colleague who passed it to me). At first it was seemingly kind of freaky for me (as I don't really like seeing blood, people getting killed violently, etc etc...), but as the storyline goes on, I find it to be very interesting. Which was what kept me continue watching. :P The director is quite talented, I'd say.

Plus, not to mention the amount of good looking casts were involved in the making of this tv series. Hehe. Besides that, many nice songs managed to touch my heart. :)

Check out these few videos which I found on youtube. Whoever created them was good, really. Catchy and touchy-feely. :D

Well, I haven't finish watching the whole Season One yet. Shall continue whenever I have free time. =D


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