Drama Marathon

Recently, I have been going on a drama marathon and I just can't stop. To be honest, this little activity of mine has been taking up much of my time, and I seriously do not have much time per day anyway - thanks to work!

Ever since I stepped into another new phase of life - the work-hood, I found that life can be so restricted, limited, tired, and etc. Sometimes I wished that if only humans do not need to work, but then this question of - how to survive in life - pops up! -_-

Oh well, we all need to work to earn money and to support living. Without a proper occupation, life will be a bit pointless too. I mean you can't just simply staying at home everyday or party everyday. Sooner or later, you'll get bored, like really.

Been catching up with Gossip Girl series - Season 2. Yea, I know I'm kinda far behind, and that's only because earlier this year I was on hiatus from everything to put all my focus on studies. But now YAY because I can do whatever I want and I like!!! Hmm... I've gotta admit - Dan and Serena are ever so sweetttttt. O-M-G! Besides that, Chuck and Blair and spicing things up too! ;)

I practically have to mental-smack-myself-on-the-butt, in order to push myself into hardworkingly blogging so that I do not disappoint my awaiting readers. In a way it is also good for me too. To share things, to record some of my life events so that I do not forget them as time passes, and etcetera.

I'm feeling pretty crappy tired now. I guess I shall end this post and retire early to bed tonight. Have a good night everyone!


p. s. Currently, I am still contemplating on whether to go for that Millionaire Mind Intensive seminar this weekend. Darn. -_-"


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