Strange Encounters

Today morning I woke up quite naturally. Headed out to the bus stop to wait for bus at 7.45am. But who knows that today is the worse-traffic-jam day ever (or wait a minute, was it bus jam instead). URGH~

Normally, the bus that I need takes comes around an interval of 15 minutes (or at most 20 minutes). But today I waited around 45 minutes (or more than that), then only the bus reach. =_=" Like WTF.

Seriously I wanted so much to curse like hell over there. But held myself back partially due to the fact I try to keep calm about things. Or pretty much just because I am thankful to have caught a bus anyway!

I waited so long until I've no strength to even argue or stand properly in the bus. Yes, no seats were available since the bus was extremely crowded (this is what you get when the bus is rare). I had to stand, trying hard to balance myself while several pork chops (I guess you know why I label them that) keep pushing at me. -_-"

WTF I was so annoyed.

Later on when I've finally positioned myself nicely, there was this cute baby with his/her parents sitting in just directly in front of me. I mean I was standing opposite them. The baby had big eyes, long lashes, and just cute! While the couple was not local. Speaking some sorta foreign language which I don't understand at all. And I'm guessing they're from Thailand/ Vietnam/ Indonesia/ Philippines/ dunno-where-else-possible. =X

Lessons learnt:
(i) Attention to all women out there, if you want beautiful babies, get a good looking dad. I'm serious!
(ii) Taking care of babies is more of a routine basis. So as long as you get used to it, you'll be fine as ever.
(iii) If you have a baby, please make sure you bring a baby bag to keep all the baby equipments like bottles, napkins, diapers, milk powder, etc.
(iv) Babies are gifts from God to the loving couple, a product of love.
(v) Babies are just too adorable that I so friggin much want a CUTE BABY! NAO NAO NAO!! *_*

Okay, the encounter was like this. The baby kept making noises (indicating hunger I suppose) which eventually the mum had no choice but to breastfeed the baby inside the moving bus. Z-O-M-G!

The husband didn't even cover up for the wife. *gasp* And I saw just how many onlookers were looking in that direction, especially those perverted uncles and etc. They just look and keep looking. WTF. Actually, I was just wondering how many standing ovation occurred in that bus itself. -_-

Well, I took a glance at her direction and saw Z-O-M-G how big her tits were. Small breasts but big *toot* . Oops... *censored* I'm not supposed to say this am I? *[korean version] sorry sorry sorry...*

Ohh needless to say, I was late-like-mad when I reached office (or at least to my very own definition of "late") !


No more next time, you BUS. If not, I shall boycott you! *roarrrrrr*


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