Practicing control

Just had my stomach filled up with food and back to being a happy girl again.

I guess you must be wondering why am I putting it that way eh?

Oh well, I reached home super late today. -_-"

Earlier, the skies were getting dark and there was sounds of thunder rumbling. I was so worried and frustrated because I'm about to go back later all by myself (alone). No one is gonna accompany me, neither is there anyone giving me a ride back. I was there just counting down the hours of when to go back home. Feeling lethargic, and with a grumbling stomach, feelings just didn't get any better. *sigh*

At the LRT station, I was just mad pissed. I bet the people around me had already felt the emission of negative auras or vibes floating around. Just really angry at that time, because of several reasons that had triggered.

Barely have much sleep nor me-time this week y'know. :((

Hmm... is it the fear which got me nervous and subsuequently angry? But I do think that it's mainly because of me feeling super hungry at that time. I tend to be mad very easily simply just due to hunger. *woops*

Moments after, I realize that this situation wasn't good. Then I told myself to calm down. Breathe in breathe out and just try not to focus on the anger. I also tried the Three-Finger-Technique which I've learnt in class and it was proven to be effective. Amazed.

Well the fact is that this weekend I attended a training class (2-day programme). Instead of utilizing the time to hang out with friends, going shopping, or dating, I have made this decision to go for this event which I'm very much expecting it to be beneficial of some kind (if not I am so gonna regret it).

Right now, I am actually dreading the fact that tomorrow is a MONDAY! *sigh*

It just feels like no rest at all this week. 7 days busy doing work related things in office. :(

I really don't feel like going to office tomorrow. I feel so reluctant in a way, but I am still obliged to do so.

So so so tired now but I just can't stop going online. WTF.


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