Opportunity There But Timing Not Right

When I checked my e-mail inbox today, I was exceptionally happy to see an email with the title of [ASKCleo Zouk Club Promo: Mambo Jambo Summer Party] . Then I knew I had won FREE passes to the partay event which I signed up for. Oh well, there were only 20 pairs of exclusive passes to be given away and I just thought that I'd might be one of those lucky ones.

Oh yes, I am a big CLEO fan. That explains why I follow through every single issue that was published every month. Which is also why when I first discovered that CLEO actually had a website, I joined in to be one of the askCLEO Malaysia members. It proved to be worthwhile because there's lots of happening stuffs available such as tips, ideas, contests, giveaways, etc. =D

Feeling excited, I immediately texted a few friends (potential party peeps) asking if any is interested to join me for the party. Not many good news of the day though. =/

Though they all are interested, but they just couldn't make it. *sad* Many reasons why.
Well... Some were not around in KL/Selangor area, some were just busy, some were either tired or sick, some told me that they had to work early next morning, and so on so forth.

And as for me, I felt disappointed. It was my first time getting to win such stuffs and I can't go because I am not gonna go alone. -_-"

I think I asked around 10 people, if not mistaken. But so happens none can join me. :((

So during evening, I went back home telling myself (silently in mind) that "Hey, you know maybe it's fate that I can’t go. Maybe God doesn’t want me to go (I prayed seeking for advice/guidance/help). Maybe it wasn't that bad after all, as in not being able to make it to the party."

Hmm.. I guess I was just trying to feel positive about things. No matter what it is. :) And I'm glad that I can do that. Seriously.

Even though you might not know, but I'm still in the recovery process of my previous hangovers, shoulder aches and body pains. :( And I just overheard rain drizzling lightly outside too. Mum also said she's gonna call tonight (why do I sense trouble upcoming).

Anyhow, it’s a good thing that I am neither overly overwhelmed nor solemnly sad. Proud of myself!

Hahaha. Basically, what I did was to console myself and think on the bright side of things. Oh well, I figured out it would be a good thing not going anyway. Since there’s always a next time right? ;) Who knows it might be a better one in the future. Hehe.

I actually prepped up everything including direction map, poster details, and the printed out email invitation. And since it's done, I figured out that I should just post it up in my blog. At least something memorable for me. To mark the life happenings, just in case I'd forget someday. =P

Ahhhhh what a waste to those passes. I feel sorry about it somehow. =/ Just hope that I will win passes again next time and most importantly, GET TO GO TOGETHER WITH SOMEONE!

Feeling a bit weird now, so... ... here's to one last item to end this post - the original picture poster. :))


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