Stunt Woman - NOT!

I am now writing this post after having a nice cooling bath & a hearty dinner meal earlier. Feel glad to have my tummy filled and body clean all over. Haha. OCD max! =D

Today I reached home at 8.30pm (which was considered as super duper late for me) ! I was feeling hungry, sleepy, and impatient with the waiting game. Sweaty too! >=( Since 6pm I halted my work to pack up the stuffs and then waited. Zzz...

Dad arrived at my college 8pm. Looks like I've mentally blamed wrongly. Apparently, this was all because of the massive traffic jam all the way from the 1st roundabout to the 3rd roundabout (the road heading to Kota Samarahan). Dad told me that today was the WORST ever. =_="

Anyway, there is something I would like to share with you guys. It's regarding a peculiar encounter which freaked me out earlier this evening. Hahaha.

Well, here's the story... ...

I was sitting in fronta the computer doing my FYP work in my room. In the middle of that, I saw a person climb past my room window from the outside... yes I repeat, I SAW A PERSON CLIMB PAST MY ROOM WINDOW FROM THE OUTSIDE!!! O_O"

Guess who was that person?

Nope. Not burglar, not psychomaniac pervert, not anyone else but my housemate (who stays in the room next door)!

ZOMG~ She scared the freaking daylights out of me by performing such a dangerous stunt in the broad daylight!!!

It NEVER EVER occured to me (or my mind) that someone/anyone can actually climb on the sidewalls just like that (without any proper climbing gear).

I can tell you that the only protruding stuffs from the outside wall is just some horizontal row of bricks (forming a line design). For each floor, there will be two rows of those things (one located on top of the window, one located below the window).

The length of it??
I don't know. It doesn't matter.

The height of it??
I don't know either. It doesn't matter too.

What matters is the WIDTH !!! *for goodness sake*
From my everyday observance, I noticed that it is ONLY around 10cm wide!

How can anyone balance themself on top of that?
How can anyone's legs walk/travel properly on top of that?

Imagine the inadequateness of space, in addition with fear and also the thought of the risks, who know's what might have happened. *I dare not think*

SERIOUS SH*T mannn !

I swear my heart almost jumped out just because I saw her doing that. =(

Anyway, here's a picture to show you an example of how the hostel block looks like from the outside...

As you can see, I have written the floor levels at the left corner (G, 1, 2, 3). The yellow box shows the window from the kitchen, the pink box shows the window of my room, and the red box shows the window of *HER room.

(Psst.. I can tell you that it is not my block, but it's the opposite block. Well, all the hostel blocks looks the same anyway. Besides, the design and structure of the apartments are similar too. So it really does not make much difference. =P)

The next few pictures will illustrate how *SHE climbed from the balcony to her room...

Step 1: Slowly climb from the balcony of the stairs.

Her hands firmly gripping the top horizontal row of bricks.
Her legs stepping on the bottom horizontal row of bricks.
As she steadily moves sideways (like how crabs do).

Step 2: Slowly move sideways.

Notice how she is passing by my window now! O_O

Step 3: Continue moving sideways. Slowly approaching her own room now.

Step 4: Reached her own room window.

Time for break in session! -.-

I overheard banging sounds outside. And my guess was that she's using some sorta stick or whatever to force open the window. While I (the pink one) peeked out from my window (just opened) wondering... "What The Heck is happening???" O_o

Are you interested to know the rest of the story?

Well, luckily she was safe and sound. She managed to get into her room through the window and collected her keys, then lock the room door and leave for the place she intended to go to (back home I guess, since it's Friday).


Y'know, something came to my mind earlier (while still in a state of shock). I recalled something the headmaster of college once said to all of us. He said that there is NO NEED to act hero/heroin once anyone of us accidentally misplace/lost/forget-to-bring-out the room keys. Must wait till the next morning to get spare keys from the office. No use risking own life like that trying to be superman, spiderman or what-so-ever-that-we're-absolutely-not. He also warned us about a real case which occured in another Local University, where a boy fell 3-floors down just because of the act of monkeying around. *SCARY*

[[ WARNING: Kids out there, do not ever try to learn this! Trust me, it is NOT fun. ]]

p. s. The pictures are solely created for illustration purposes. The author shall not be responsible for the quality of drawing, or in any sense clarity of the pictures. =P

p. p. s. I am STILL wondering why the heck didn't she wait for the main office to re-open (earliest was next monday) and then only get the spare keys. Why do she need to risk her life like this? Seriously this is madness!


Rodz Nocturne said...
Wednesday, May 26, 2010 4:48:00 pm

Whoa!! crazy owh!! So crazy!! dats all I can say hehehe.

Anyway, checking out your blog in my bloghopping journey :p

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