Last Day of Studies

Today was the last day of this semester's studies in the University. Next week onwards will be holiday (oh well, so called holiday laa). 1 week study week break, 2 more weeks of exam season (honestly only 3 days of exam for me, so the rest of the days revision lorh). Nyahaha. I feel so good.

Seems Uni life is coming to an end soon (unless I continue doing Masters -- which is kind of slim chance that I will). I'm going to miss this place a lot. *sobs* All the sweet old memories of this wonderful place. I think I shall dedicate some blog posts to my memories of university life soon. *tee hee* Stay tuned all. =)

From mid-month of April onwards, things are gonna be so much exciting for me. I can't wait. Seriously, I can't wait. There's gonna be lotsa trips, shopping, meeting new people and so on. Woots. =D

As for now, completion of the remaining bits of FYP is a must! Hoping for an 'A'. Whee~

Have a great weekend peeps. XOXO.


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