Rabbit Conversation

An interesting random conversation to share with all... ... *tee hee*

TK: "Did you hear something?"

MN: "Yes. I heard something."
MN: "Is it a mountain animal? It's not even a very deep mountain."

TK: "A mountain is a mountain." -_-
TK: Ohh... *exclaims in shock and fright*

MN: "What is it?"

TK: "Is there, by chance, rabbits in this mountain?" O_o

MN: "Why rabbits?"

TK: "I hate rabbits."

MN: "You hate cute and gentle rabbits?"

TK: "Have you ever been bitten by a rabbit? If you haven't you can't say anything."
TK: "There was once I went near it because it looked cute and calm and I was firmly bitten."

TK: "Rabbits are dangerous."

MN: "You must have been bitten right there." *points at the guy's hand*

TK: "MN, you look gentle but you're really dangerous just like a rabbit."

MN: "I look like a rabbit?" O_o

TK: "Yes. You rabbit-like guy." -.-

TK: "Huh." *exclaims in fright due to overhearing noise among the bushes*
TK: "Lets hurry and go."

MN: "Hmm..Then you must hate this song."
MN: *sings old country rabbit song loudly*

TK: "Stop it!"

MN: *continues singing the song to annoy the guy*

TK: "Stop it!!" >_< . . .







MN: "OMG." *exclaims out louddd* It's a rabbit! *just to freak him out.. Hahaha..*

TK: "Where where where?!!" *jumps around to avoid bumping into any 'potential' rabbits*

and so it continues... ... ...


keeman said...
Monday, April 05, 2010 12:22:00 am

Hahaha. Nice one. Welcome to Sarawak Bloggers!

YEN XOXO said...
Friday, April 09, 2010 11:41:00 pm

@keeman : Thanks for dropping by. Happy to be a part of the group. Whee~ :D

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