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My loyal support for CLEO magazine was rewarded when I come across a page which offers freebies to be redeemed in an issue of the mag (March 2010, if not mistaken). And last Sunday, I finally manage to claim the free ASIENCE hair product samples from a Watsons store. FYI, the only listed Watson store in the state of Sarawak was Riverside Shopping Complex. *oh wow*

One thing about staying in a not-so-big and not-so-developed town like Kuching is that everything is so limited. Zzz. I practically waited for weeks for the stock of the free samples to arrive. The store manager told me that I had to wait until their shipment came in from West Malaysia. =/

I don't really mind actually, as long as I get the things which I am entitled for. :)

Very generous of them. =) Giving me both shampoo and conditioner for BOTH Inner Rich and Nature Smooth series. Aww~

Frankly, I am very excited to try out this new product after reading the introduction of it. =D

It seems the Asience products were specially formulated for Asian hair that is prone to damage from chemical treatment, UV rays, braiding, blow drying and frequent perming and styling.

The main attraction is that lots of natural ingredients were used to produce this product. The eucalyptus extract protects hair and brings back lost shine, while rice germ oil strengthens and moisturizes the hair to repair, nourish and protect it from the inside out. Wow.

ASIENCE is also a 'made in japan' product. Another reason why it's good. :)

Never try, never know.
I shall find time to try out this new product too. Hehe.

If you want to know more about this product, check out this website. You can also check out the product details here.

Guess what? The beautiful Jeon Ji Hyun 전지현 (south korean actress & model) is the new face for Asience brand.

Many other Asian Beauties have united for Kao Asience CM song too. Woots!

You can now have the hair you desire with the new and improved ASIENCE Inner Rich and Nature Smooth from Japan. With Asian Energy Essence that is specially formulated to replenish and revitalise Asian hair that is 1.5 times thicker than Caucasian hair. Here's to a more beautiful you~~~
(Source: Kao Asience Main Page)


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