No Longer A Dye-Virgin!

I can still remember how I've always envied and stared at other girls having such pretty hair. Those hairstyles and hair color of models, artists, and even friends are just so modern and trendy. Not to say that my hair is not pretty, but mine is like just so plain jane all this while! -_-"

Since then, I had this dream (or rather desire) in my mind...
"Imma get myself an awesome hairstyle/ hair colour so that others would look at me in that way too!!" *bleks* =P

Would you believe if I told you that I have NEVER EVER visited any hair salon at all in my whole entire life. ZOMGoodness weiii~~

Yes yes I know. Outdated or out of trend you'd say.
But NOPE, that's not the case. Well the truth is, my mum knows how to give haircuts for the family. Therefore none of us ever needed to go outside and pay for any kind of hair-service. Lucky huh. But the thing is, I never did get to try the pleasures and enjoyment of services outside. *bored*

Anyway, I kind of got myself carried away with describing the past, and I've neglected my main point which is the excitement I can't wait to share with all of you!!!

Yours truly is... ...







I now have pretty hair colour. Kinda like the ones illustrated in the following picture. =)


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