[Warning] : Movie spoilers up ahead. Proceed at your own risk. =P

Genre: Action | Fantasy | Horror | Thriller
Tagline: When the last angel falls, the fight for mankind begins.

[[Brief Synopsis]]

The storyline takes place in a middle-of-nowhere diner where a group of strangers were stranded at. The fate of mankind will be played out as God has lost faith in humanity and has sent the Archangel Michael (Paul Bettany) to kill the baby that would otherwise save mankind. Michael disobeys and decides to protect the baby declaring he is giving God what he needs rather than what he’s asked for, which causes God to send his entire angel army to do what Michael won’t.

[[My Personal Review]]
I had high expectations for this movie, as many of my friends have told me how awesome it was. Well, I came out from the cinema hall with a satisfied smile. Although this movie basically depicts a terrifying biblical apocalypse which had descended upon the world. =/

For the 1 hour 40 minutes duration, I had been going through an emotional roller coaster ride. Mixed feelings of excitedness, scaryness, freakiness, sadness, touchingness, blissfulness filled me.

I would say that the movie script is amazing. Although there were lots of gross scenes which caused me going like "OMG OMG OMG~", "Shit!", "Euuu..", "Oh gross~", "Oh No~", "Yerrrrr.." in the cinema hall from time to time. One thing I noticed is that almost the whole hall of people watching this movie were guys. And I was wondering like how come they did not show any emotions or expressions. Makes me feel a bit shy. xD

Anyhow, this movie makes me start reflecting and sets my mind thinking. It is extremely scary to think that "WHAT IF..." what if one day God gets tired of us lowly humans and decide to start over. =(

By the way, I still find it miraculous that the survival of human race depends ENTIRELY on the baby which a waitress is still carrying in her womb.

Anyway, here's some pictures that I must post...

Archangel Michael who voluntarily falls to Earth to save the savior of mankind
(he's so-in-style in this movie scene I just had to post it up!)

Young man - Jeep
(I am truly amazed by the amount of FAITH this man has. Seriously, he is a RARE kind of man. =) )

All the men watching guard over at the rooftop of the diner
(It's scary that those freakish beings keep coming and attacking!)

Poor woman whose husband got killed and finally she realized how precious her daughter was

Sorry. No pictures to illustrate the old woman, ice cream man, or the little evil boy. SO DAMN FREAKISH can. I practically covered my face in my palms just so that I won't see those scenes so clearly.

I wouldn't wanna risk myself going through sleepless nights. You know, it really took me a while to forget (not-to-think-back) what I watched. And if it wasn't for me being all-so-tired that day after this movie, I don't think I would be able to sleep. -_-

FYI, this movie was rated R for strong bloody violence.
So my advice would be, don't watch it unless you are mentally prepared for gory scenes. (and don't say I didn't warn you!)

Anyway, here's a short trailer. Just in case you're interested to get some preview first, before actually paying money to watch this movie. Check it out!


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