Flower Craze

I just had to print screen this because I feel that it is an achievement. LOL~

Such craziness of me to be playing this game wildly into the late night and then the next day to find myself feeling all groggy and uber tired.

Yes I deserve to be punished for my foolishness. Wonder why in the world I could torture my own body not to sleep and continue playing the game just for the sake of wanting so desperately to finish up the level (as in reach the highest level). Haiyoh. So kiasu wan larh you! -_-||

Maybe I was thinking on how to improve my reflexes. As in how to move my fingers quicker around the keyboard. Eh no, WAIT A MINUTE, I'm using the mouse leh. *slaps forehead* Really blur liao I guess. *sweats*

See how game addiction can cause one to lose sleep and then leading to dumbness. >_<

But but but, it is still training hand reflexes wud. *still in self-defensive state* Right right? :P

No more next time liao, Miss Princess!


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