*screams in joy*

Guess what I've stumbled upon??
Today, I just found a site which I have always been seeking for. YES, they sell those items that you always see in KOREAN dramas!!! =D

So so so happy now~~~

Because I saw something I want! *_*
In fact, there is lots of things that I want. Just that I need to save money to buy them. =_=")
The Pig-Rabbit plush doll from the Korean drama "You're Beautiful", which is currently known as the hottest plush doll in town! A MUST HAVE~

The best thing about this plushie is that ALL are taken factory direct from DreamToy Korea! The pictures below shows how the plushie's position is able to be modified (sit, stand, ears twitching...).

p. s. The saddest thing is to look at the thing you want so much, but not being able to own it. To just stare and not even have the chance to be able to hold it in your hands. Such torture! :'( *sobbies*


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