Cutie Giraffe

With much patience and endurance, I was modestly rewarded. :)
I am now the proud owner of cutie giraffe!!

Much credits goes to my friends (H.Ling & others), my aunty, my parents, my sister, and of course not to forget MUA. Without their kind assistance, I would not be getting what I had desired to get now. ** woah, feels like giving an award-winning-speech tim. LOL **

Dad practically drove me to all the Guardian outlets available throughout the Kuching city. During the whole journey, parents keep telling me I should have just gave the card to my aunt for her to help me redeem in KL city (where more stock/ more choices are available *as so they think*). =_="

What happened in those Guardian outlets was... ...
The conversation was like this:
Guardian worker : "I'm sorry miss. We've ran out of stock for the BigHeadz soft toy. Please leave your name and we will call you as soon as our new stock have arrived."
Me : O_O "Okay..." * replying reluctantly, thinking -> "OMG~ Why now?? NOoooooooooooo..." *

And then my parents even continued to splash me with cold water saying stuffs like "no more liao de la... told you so de laaa..." (I find old folks are always like this.. -.-). I was about to give up when I saw a tiny glimpse of hope. There were new stocks (just arrived) in the last outlet we went to. :D However, the workers told us they need to sort out and give the earlier reserved customers first. =(

I left my name with them, hoping that they will call me soon. And to my surprise, they called on that night, saying that a customer choosed hippo therefore there is a giraffe for extra. WHEE~ Must be my luck. Thank God for that. =D Though, I had to admit that I was STILL a bit undecided in between either Hippo or Giraffe. Must be my nature. WTF. *slaps self*

All my effort, blood, sweat, money and etc - invested into this little thingy. LOL~

*so cute I wanna pinch it*

Alright, perhaps it's NOT-SO-LITTLE after all. =P

Notice the obvious BIG HEAD or not? Nyahaha...


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