Annoying Bunch

Recently, I have been going through a situation which I find quite distracting.

does random people coming out from nowhere add me on MSN messenger so frequent?!!
The thing is, they have attempted so many times. =_="

And those random people have e-mail addresses with english names (ang-mor-ish) and a lot of numbers. Which clearly shows that they are most probably not from Malaysia.

I still remember long ago I've approved some people like this. And the result is, they appear online seemingly like normal people. But who knows after some chatting and getting used to, they start to initiate dirty topics. -_-||

Scary. That is why starting from that point onwards, I NEVER allow/approve/accept requests like that anymore. >=(

Seriously, nowadays a lot of these type of emails adding me!

Sigh. I don't know what to do now.
Seems like those friend requests keeps on coming and it won't stop.
Takan every single time I login, I have to keep pressing the "No" button like who-knows-how-many-times?

Gosh. Does any of you face this kind of problem like me too?


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