Virgin Entry of Year 2010

Woah. This is like, my first post for the New Year 2010. What a start! =D

Yes I know I've been neglecting this precious blog of mine for ages. *blows off dust, scrapes off algae and clears out all the tiny lil mushrooms grown on top* Hahaha.. No wonder my blog is like hidden from the public. It has been covered by a thin layer of stuffs-you-don't-wanna-know. LOL~ *just joking*

Anyway, yesterday was the day that I returned to Kuching. Was uber happy to see the happy faces of my family smiling back at me. =) Hehe. I bet all my family members have missed me a lot. They are just happy to see me come back safely in one proper piece with no unnecessary damage. =P And I've got like, tons of stories and adventures to share with them. Woots!

Lotsa unpacking and packing will be needed to be done. I need to go back Uni's hostel tonight, hasta pronto! No time to lose. As some of you have already know, schools have already started. It's a new semester again, and this will also be my final semester in the University. *sobs* Feel a bit 'mmm seh tak' while at the same time happy and a lil' bit nervous for the upcoming life journey after graduation.

Hmm... I would love to take this opportunity to wish all my beloved readers a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010. WooHoo!! *throws confetti* I seriously hope I am not too late in this. Oh well, at least I remembered. ;)

Have a wonderful year ahead peeps. We all know time pass by fast and soon again it'll be another whole new year. LOL~ Therefore, do treasure your family & loved ones and appreciate the time you get to spend together with each another. *cheers*

p. s. I didn't make any New Year resolutions for the year 2010. Well, what's the point of making one if you know very well that you won't stick to it anyway. LOL~ Might as well just save time, effort, money and whatever-that-will-be-needed. Bleks~


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