Tiger Strength

Today is the last day of January year 2010. To think back what I have done, what I have not done, and what I am going to do in the future. Time flies! Hmm... I'm sure you all are aware, that this year is the year of the Tiger. :)

See, tiger cubs do look cute. But don't underestimate it's powers and strength when it grows into an adult tiger. =P

By the way, I wonder if anyone did notice that it was FULL MOON last night. The skies were so bright and I could see some stars shining too. Well, I don't know what it signifies, but my parents keep telling me about the phenomena, as though it means something. But until now I still don't get it. -_-"

Yes yes. February is approaching. And it's gonna be another two more weeks to CNY. I can't wait! I wanna dress nicely and take lotsa pics. =D

Well, I'm sure everyone (who checked their calenders) realized that this year's CNY (1st day) clashes with Valentine's Day. =_= I just hope that all couples (who celebrate both the festivals) would be able to resort to some sort of way to celebrate it, well at least not sacrificing either one. =/

Here I am, looking forward to the new month. And I just wish things could be better day by day by day. I sincerely wish so. =)

Bring on some tiger strength now! *ROARS~~~~~*


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