Flood in UNIMAS

Remember how oftenly I used to blog about rainy days. Well here's the thing. I know many people love the rain so much because they find that it's a good weather to sleep with. But somehow if you think from another perspective, everything could be somewhat different.

Just imagine you are doing some activity outdoors, and all of a sudden the rain poured down. The worse thing is, you forgot the bring out your umbrella. UH-OH! Hmm... let's just say if you did bring your umbrella along, but what happens if the wind is blowing strong that even your fragile umbrella framework couldn't withstand the pressure.

Lots of things could happen. In fact, anything could happen. At times, it is dangerous too. That is why I somehow dislike rain very much.

If it rains on the right day, right time, and right moment, I could have loved the rain. It would be another whole new story. But it always doesn't seem to happen like what I wanted. =/

Alright, here is an incident that happened in the compound area of my University. I was taking the University bus to go back hostel, and on the way back I saw this situation... ...

The bus came to a halt and all passengers were wondering what in the world happened. As I sat nearby the window, I managed to spot a tiny Kancil car which stopped in the middle of the road. Zzz... ...

As I continue looking in detail, it seems that there's a mini flood outside. -_- This was the first time I ever saw a flood in the University compound area. I was just thinking whether the bus could continue it's journey or not. =S

Everyone seem to panic. After some discussion, the kind bus driver decided to go down from the bus and walk into the puddle of water just to assist those people who are trapped inside the car which was trapped in the middle of the flood. *wow I am amazed by the bus driver's semangat tolong-menolong*

Can you see the bus driver and a student who volunteered pushing the car?

After successfully overcoming that obstacle in the pathway, the bus continue it's journey. I turned my head back to look behind the bus. It was such a nice scenery, despite the flood that occurred though. =P

*all the trees looked like mini islands*

That is why I said, don't play play with the rain. Because when it rains continuously, what you get would most probably be a big flood. Alright, time to pray so that the "rain rain go away, come again another day..." .


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