Today, I'm going to talk about a topic which I think most people won't usually discuss much on. It's about being nice. Perhaps I might also discuss on the opposite, which is being not nice.

Judging from all the past experiences (whether my own or from others) I've accumulated..
Honestly saying... In reality, being nice to others doesn't necessarily brings good to yourself.

There's even a chinese saying, which goes like this... “狗咬吕洞冰,不知好人心!”
It literally means, "the ungrateful dog came back to bite the person that saved its life".

Lets just describe a situation where you’re being nice & kind to a bad person with bad intentions. Well, little did you realize that the person won’t even the least bit feel thankful for what you are doing for him/her. Even if you just saved that person’s life, he/she might even still stab you back in the back, or worse front.

Therefore, the conclusion here is...
Never ever try to be Mr. Nice Guy/ Miss Nice Girl. DON'T~

Look carefully at the situation you're in, and then analyse.
Determine whether it is worth it or not, to be nice & kind to that certain someone.

You’ll soon learn that some people are just NOT worth it.
They are not worth what you do for them. They don’t even appreciate it.
So why not you just cancel out everything. Cancel that person out.
I’m sure you’ll be able to live a better life with less worries. :)

Now that's what I call - the operation to start-being-not-nice/ not-being-nice-anymore.



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