Last Friday, we had a trip to the beach.
It was exactly the kind of day that I've been yearning for so long!

The chilly breeze, sound of waves, pure soft sand, calming atmosphere and so on...
Aaahhhh... It's just awesome and I don't mind coming here every day. ;)

Santubong beach

There's a few reasons why I love Santubong's beach more than the other beaches.

First of all, it is a private beach which is very secluded.

Secondly, the sea is rather blue-ish green, as compared to Damai beach (thick yellowy sea color).

(Sorry, no picture available today.
Due to the current rainy season over at East Malaysia,
I couldn't take any picture that depicts how nice the sea water is used to be.)

Thirdly, the beach has lots of trees (provides shade when it is hot & sunny) and benches (perfect for a picnic spot).

Weather is chilly and breezy since there was no sun.
It was such a perfect day to unwind and relax amidst all the chaos in life. =)

I sat there welcoming the wind to my face. And I really wished that I'd remember to bring a story book. Then I can fully enjoy the peaceful and serene environment.

Well, here are some of the pictures taken...

*small holes dug by mini crabs*

*big hole dug by ... ... er ... ... giant crab?*

Well well well,
as you can see from the following picture,
on that day, the sea condition was extremely dangerous.
A warning red flag was there to remind everyone.

Take a look at the sea waves, they are hitting ashores wildly. I gotta admit that I never seen such big waves at this beach before. =/

Later the day, we also dropped by at Damai beach. Which was still the same as ever. Nice environment. Plus you'll be now welcomed with a big christmas tree in the lobby, due to the holiday season greetings.

The sea condition here isn't as dangerous as the one earlier. You can see lots of childrens and people playing around in the sea water. Hehe. It's actually quite fun to play around with the waves. However, one should really be extra careful that no one gets washed away into the deep sea. =X

Not much pictures to be displayed here. I shall save it up for my own viewing pleasure. LOL. Just kidding laaa, there's really nothing much to view anyway. I'm just feeling kind of bored going to the same places, taking the same pictures, again and again.

Hmm.. perhaps I shall do something new during my next visit to these places huh.. ;P

Ideas anyone? =)


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