Birth - Aging - Sickness - Death (生老病死)

Birth - Aging - Sickness - Death (生老病死)
This tells us that life is not permanent.
In this world, no one can live forever or have an eternal life.

Buddhism teaches that the four sufferings of birth, aging, sickness and death are an inescapable part of life. The crucial thing is not to be defeated by them.

These are the stages of life which every human being has to go through, no doubt about it.

Stages of Life

We just lost a loved one early this morning. Too early for him.
Feeling sad and have been reflecting on it.

Word of advice to all - do treasure all your loved ones, spend more time with your family, and live life as if each moment is your last one.

Quoting some words of wisdom by Daisaku Ikeda as I have been reading his quotes on life & death, as well as his stories of hope...

The experience of losing a loved one impels us toward a deeper understanding of life. Everyone fears and is saddened by death. That is natural. But by struggling to overcome the pain and sadness that accompanies death, we become sharply aware of the dignity and preciousness of life and develop the compassion to share the sufferings of others as our own.
From the standpoint of eternity, there is hardly any difference between a “long” and a “short” life. Therefore, it’s not whether one’s life is long or short, but how one lives that is important. It is what we accomplish, the degree to which we develop our state of life, the number of people we help become happy—that is what matters.

Just need to stay strong, continue motivating and taking care of the rest of our family members for now.

Faux Leather Items

In the past during my late teens, I was totally crazily obsessed with shopping. I used to purchase tons of clothes, shoes, handbags, accessories, anything & everything fashion-related. Bought em' all like there was no tomorrow! Even when I just had one body to put them onto!!

I bought way more than what I needed to.
I bought way more than what I could ever wear.
I bought way more than what my wardrobe could fit.

Worse thing is, most of the things which I bought was not even put to use at all wtf!

Seriously trust me, you don't wanna know how much money was poured into all of that. Before even having the capability of earning my own bucks, I had seriously wasted a lot of money. Blame the raging teenage hormones! 


And the most hurtful truth ever was that a lot of my faux leather items (mostly shoes and handbags) had either cracked / peeled / flaked, basically the skin just came off like nobody's business. -___-

Ever seen a snake changing its skin?
Yea it is just like that.
But not a happy news!

I had to throw away all my faux leather / fake skin items just like that. Mostly worn only once or twice and then kept inside the cupboard until recently, while the rest are brand new ones which are not even worn yet!

Poor things. Poor me. :(

one of my favourite boots from Treats

another one of my favourite boots (with lace summore!)

handbags flaking like mad I can't even

so sad that I have to give up this - my hubby's gift

THOSE WERE NOT THE ONLY ONES YEA (refer above pictures).
I have had to throw out more that what I took down.
Heartache to see their condition, yet could not continue using/keeping them anymore!

Well, I have learned my lesson. The hard way, of course!

Hubby told me there were possibly shops which could repair them. But I thought that the repair cost would be on-par or much higher than buying a new one, hence I didn't even think twice to give up instead.

I did consider to donate it, but then I thought like who in the world would wanna use these kinda things? Even if the ever-falling flakes did not annoy them as hell, it would probably at least cause a terrible mess around.

So please yea, take my advice - DO NOT ever buy bags/wallets/shoes with fake leather skin! If you can afford it, it is always best to buy genuine leather items which is more valuable and also worthy of the long run.

When I was young, I was naive and not-so-educated.
But now that I know, I will behave in a more matured manner and also try to spend my money wisely.

I do not wanna lie. I still am (a shopaholic), but honestly it had significantly reduced very much ever since I had my first child. So thank God for babies/kids/children! :D

Leaving My Baby with the Babysitter

And so, it has finally come to this day - the very moment where I would have to temporarily part with my baby and leave her into another person's hands (i.e. the caretaker). *sniffs & sobs*

I used to have no worries. In the past I used to think that if I ever have a baby, my parents or my husband's parents would willingly help us in taking care of our baby. Hence, it never really did occurred to me that I would have to engage in any babysitter service, at all.

However, unexpected things do happen (this is life!!). Little did I thought/expect that both my parents and in laws are not in the perfect condition to do so at this moment. Well, sometimes you have got no choice...

Actually I did consider the option of being a SAHM before, however I felt like I just couldn't give up being a FTWM. With the continuous and ever rising living costs, plus the amount of wants I have; I seriously cannot give up my full-time job! Both hubby & I needs to work to earn money and more money, sadly. :(


Earlier this morning, I packed my breast milk supply (to last for about 1-2 weeks feed) in a huge Coleman cooler box and we set off to the babysitter's place.

It is actually not a lot to show off about, but I am proud enough to be able to save up this much and continue to provide for my baby. Truth is I am a low supply mum (never exceeded 3oz per pumping session), hence each and every single drop of my breast milk is just too precious!!!

CY breastmilk

This picture can really serve as a good reminder/motivation for me to persevere on my breast feeding journey! #yukanduit #kipidap #dongibap


Somehow I felt glad and relieved that my baby was in a happy mood this morning. She kept smiling & giggling, and was pretty chatty. She brought joy to us all. :)

She gave me this super cute baby look...

Then I was like omg why you so cute, why you do this to me, how is mummy ever gonna leave you here and just go back home by myself?!?! *in love, cries, repeat*


Le' hubs went off to work after dropping us off at the babysitter's place. But I remained there to brief on some stuffs, observe for a while and also just to make sure that she is okay and not too fussy.

All is well.

Though she cried a little as she was hungry, which I subsequently direct latched her before she drifted off to sleep. Aww. So peaceful and lovely.


I had to admit that initially I was a lil' bit worried that she may not get use to it (y'know the new environment and all). It was unnecessary lol.



Upon settling the baby and seeing how well-versed my babysitter is, I left the place with the comfort and peace of mind that my baby is in good hands. Yes, with an extremely heavy heart of course! *sobs*

I took Uber home (really good experience!) in a heavy rain condition, pump out some milk, had a late home-cooked lunch and took a long nap. Felt great being able to take some ME-time, like finally! This was supposed to be my cooling-off period / testing-out phase as I will be resuming work in a week's time.

What I don't understand is, my boobs went into some sort of milk frenzy. I was feeling engorged for the whole freaking time and had to pump like a mad woman for every 2 hours (even more frequent than when baby is around)!!!

My boobs are just so freaking engorged and it is like constantly sending signal waves to my brain telling me to nurse my baby more than ever. *feeling pain*

Right now I am just trying hard not to feel so emotional, not to let my feelings overwhelm me and cry endless river of tears. 

In fact, I am just wondering how long I can last before suddenly breakdown and cry from missing my baby way too much!

My only comfort now is from knowing that my baby is getting my breast milk. So I really gotta hardworkingly pump away~ Like a milk cow~~ *moooooooo*

Ok gotta go for my next pumping session ya. Ciao~

I couldn't even last a day before breaking down into tears! I failed miserably in trying to keep myself busy (so that I can go through life without missing her so badly) as the engorgement pain kept reminding me of her & how great it is to have her around to relieve me... How am I gonna survive this?!?! T___T

Online Shopping Websites in Malaysia | Lazada & 11street & GEMFIVE

About a month ago during my confinement period, I started being very caught up with online shopping in Malaysia. Despite the overall busy-ness of taking care of my newborn baby, I managed to squeeze in some time (whenever possible) to do some online shopping. Now, it had became a part of me and I think I cannot live without it wtf.

It is no longer a rare news that e-Commerce has rapidly developed into a hit trend and there are more & more e-Malls mushrooming around.

Personally, I find that online shopping is much more beneficial to the consumers. You get to save cost (discount, voucher, promotion codes, no need to pay parking/petrol/toll fees, etc), save time (avoid traffic jam, crowd, long queues, etc), save effort/energy (no need to carry/lug the purchases around) and delivery to your doorstep. No sweat and that is truly a lot of advantages! But of course there are also disadvantages such as you are unable to view or try the actual product before making a purchase and so on. However, if you do a pros-and-cons analysis and weigh out the benefits, I am sure you can decide on what works best for yourself. ;)

As for me, it is definitely online shopping for now. :D

Being a shop-a-holic or rather just like any other girl who loves shopping and spending money, I had to admit that I did buy a lot of stuffs to-date. Well, kind of to the extent of my family members questioning me what the heck did I buy again. LOL. I think I had inadvertently annoyed them by having them to help me sign-off/receive the parcels each day. *oops*

Having to stay home 24/7 can be really boring at times! But the terrible haze in Malaysia lately had somehow justified as to why it is good for me to stay home instead.

Nowadays I shop a lot more online, mainly due to having an additional member in my family!

Before #dccybaby was born, I had already purchased quite a decent amount of baby products. However as time goes by, I begin to gradually notice some items which I needed but was not bought. Also unexpected things happened and I begin to need things which I thought I would only need at a later time (emergency ok). Also I thought that the baby products stash was enough to last for quite a bit, but little did I know that it can deplete surprisingly fast, especially for items such as diapers, baby wipes, laundry detergent & bottle cleansing liquid, etc (ones which you would utilize daily). Major contribution to my online shopping frenzy!

Ever since the delivery of my child, I do not get to shop for myself anymore. I now shop for my baby, and my baby only. Now motherhood can be really life changing! Not trying to scare you off but it is #truestory

If you are beginning to wonder where did I go for my online shopping, here are some of my current favorite online shopping websites in Malaysia - Lazada, 11street and GEMFIVE.

Here is my take on Lazada, 11street and GEMFIVE.



At first glance, Lazada Malaysia's homepage looks pretty complicated - lots of images and kinda wordy. It may seemed difficult to find the item(s) which you wanted to buy, but it is actually quite simple if you select it by the categories/brand or perhaps utilize the big search bar on top!

Lazada homepage

Lazada is known for their wide range of product choices. You can basically find anything almost anything that you wanted to buy. Just enter a keyword and look it up. ;)

Welcome to Lazada

You will notice that Lazada is quite well-known across the South East Asia countries and is one of the largest online ecommerce stores in Malaysia. By listing out their top categories and brands, it is much easier for you to shop.

About Lazada

What I like about Lazada:
  • wide range or products & brands
  • variety of payment options : Cash on delivery (COD), credit cards, debit cards, online banking (direct debit or bank transfer), Installment (over 6 to 12 month period) *the ones highlighted in pink are unique for Lazada, which other online shops may not offer*
  • delivery/shipping: FREE & generally very fast, although stated as 1 - 6 working days (Metro areas) & 3 - 10 working days (Non-Metro areas) - so far I never have to pay for any delivery fee and most of the time I received my parcels on the next working day or within 3 days upon purchase.
  • option for return/refund/replacement
  • plenty of promotion codes offered and available to all - no limit and no need to rush to grab it!
  • phone app: easy to navigate, special promotion codes
  • BCARD point accumulation

What I think can be improved for Lazada:
  • quality & accuracy of the images of products (some are unclear and once in a while I noticed the image stated got free gift but it is actually not given/available)
  • loading speed (few times I have encountered whereby the images of products did not load / load very slow and it is still the same upon refreshing webpage)
  • to encourage customers (or make it mandatory) to rate & review the item purchase so that it can help other consumers in decision making

My current favorite category: Toys, Kids & Babies

Another plus point would be the filter sidebar. I love it as it is useful and convenient. It allows you browse products by: Category, New Arrivals/Top Sellers/On Sale, Brand, Price, Color, Rating and etcetera. Just tweak it to your own preference and voila!!

You can also sort the layout or appearance of the products by doing a sorting or choose between "grid/list".

On the product page itself, they have sections such as the following:
  • Top Products in xxxxxx (category)
  • People Who Viewed Items You Browsed Also Viewed
  • People Who Viewed This Item Ultimately Bought
  • People Who Bought This Item Also Bought
  • People Who Viewed This Item Also Viewed
  • Rating & Reviews of Product
Very helpful indeed.

Did you know?
All items sold on Lazada Malaysia are covered under the 100% Buyer Protection and/or Satisfaction Guaranteed. Which means you can rest assured that all the products are original; they can also be returned within 14 days for a full refund.

So far I have purchased most of my stuffs from Lazada Malaysia, as compared to the other online shopping websites. :P

[ 11street ]

At first glance, 11street Malaysia's homepage looks clean & neat. It is easy to load and nicely sectioned.

11street Malaysia homepage

11street is an open marketplace operated by Celcom Planet Sdn. Bhd. – a joint venture between two established names Celcom Axiata Bhd. and SK Planet Ltd. Celcom Axiata is Malaysia’s premier and most experienced mobile telecommunications group and SK Planet owns Korea’s best e-commerce site,, a reliable and revolutionary e-commerce platform.

About 11street Malaysia

What I like about 11street:
  • wide range or products & brands, there are also imported products from Korea & etc
  • variety of payment options : credit cards, debit cards, online banking (direct debit or bank transfer)
  • price of products can sometimes be a lot cheaper than other online shopping websites, however after adding on shipping fee it will become almost same or even costly
  • option for cancellation / return / exchange
  • Credit / point accumulation

What I think can be improved for 11street:
  • delivery/shipping: shipping fee is additional cost (usually quite expensive - I have seen ranging from RM6-RM30+) and most of the time you will hardly find any products with free shipping - which is such a turn off! :(
  • coupons: always limited in quantity available and have to rush to grab it early, it also comes with a validity period/expiry date - I dislike this as it makes you frequent their site and kinda forces you to rush in making purchases. One tends to feel disappointed when did not manage to grab any coupon too!
  • confirmation of purchase is mandatory and they will keep sending reminders - quite annoying
  • phone app: crazy at times, slow loading, frequent crashes / display inaccurately - I searched for an item - a minute the page displays with several items, then later after I refresh it became no items available. If it wasn't for their special coupons, I would not use their app at all.

My current favorite category: Kids & Baby

Product page also has a grid/list view, but their filter (Smart Finder & sort by) is not so user-friendly and not detailed enough - as compared to Lazada Malaysia.

Their individual product page's layout somehow reminds me of TaoBao's site. I don't quite like the section on product details as I find that it is not very complete and hard to support a consumer in making decision to purchase the product. :(


At first glance, GEMFIVE's homepage is pure simplicity - looks pretty clean and easy to navigate around.

GEMFIVE homepage
GEMFIVE homepage 2

GEMFIVE too, has pretty decent and quite generous promotion codes.


What I like about GEMFIVE:
  • easy to navigate through the website - just like how it looks
  • images of products are clear and professionally taken (with white background)
  • variety of payment methods : credit cards, debit cards, online direct debit
  • good delivery partners like GDex and SkyNet
  • promotion codes: competitive
  • app: easy to use
  • option for cancellation (if not yet shipped) or return (within 14 calendar days after delivery if incorrect, damaged, or defective) available
  • good follow up from their customer service

What I think can be improved for GEMFIVE:
  • to bring in more brands and more variety of products
  • delivery is quite slow - my first experience with them was unpleasant as I have purchased for about a month ago yet all the products have not fully arrived
  • delivery charges - need to order more than RM80 of eligible products in a single transaction for free delivery (WM only), else pay RM15 (WM) / RM25 (EM) which I find it quite steep!

My current favorite category: Mum & Kids

I like the "Featured Products" section which usually has good deals that are suitable for the consumer.

The individual product page is easy to view - clean, non-cluttered (no annoying sidebars / flashy stuffs) and has decent image size & font size. It contains all the information which a consumer needs to know to decide to buy or not to buy - price, stock availability (out of stock / in stock / how many items left), color, size and etcetera. You can also immediately share about an interesting product over the social media!

I love how the brand name and category is clickable, hence you can easily find related products to make a good comparison, and of course - tendency to buy more!

The details of the product are described and listed down in detail, with recommended products link below.

The filter is straight forward and neat - by price, name, type of product, new arrival, brands, price range... Or you can just put in a keyword to search the entire store.

What about you?
Do you shop online too? If yes, what are your favorite online shopping websites?

Disclaimer: Princess_YEN was not paid for this post. These are just honest opinions.

Mimijumi Baby Bottle | Review

Mimijumi not so hungry bottle

When I first saw this on one of the online shopping websites, my first thought was how come this baby bottle's shape looks so strange! Angled top opening with a bottle cap which looked like a breast and red in color. It is really a unique combination but I didn't bother to know more about Mimijumi (didn't even know the name back then) as I have been using Philips Avent feeding bottles since the birth of my baby and had no issues with it.

Then one fine day, I came across a video on YouTube which they were actually giving a walk-through on how to use an X-brand electrical breast pump, at the same time also using Mimijumi baby bottle as a demo of how effective that breast pump is... I wasn't paying much attention but I heard a keyword "Natural-feel" and then *bam* that was it!!

I was sold *lol* and I started googling more information and details of where to purchase it.

So now that I am using this baby bottle (well on-and-off), I thought I should review and share to all the new and not-so-new mothers who have not heard about this innovative baby product yet. =D

As my baby has a huge appetite and is growing up pretty fast, I had purchased the large-sized baby bottle (Very Hungry) and a replacement nipple (Flow Rate 2, fast flow).

Mimijumi Baby Bottle Review

As seen above, I have plain water inside the baby bottle (instead of milk). In case you are wondering, let me share about my story on plain water which started since the initial phase of my breastfeeding journey~

I have seen/read breastfeeding-advocate related posters/buntings/adverts/articles whereby they discourage the mother to feed baby with plain water as they claim breast milk or mother's milk itself is sufficient enough for the baby. I practiced this, however both my mother and mother-in-law have been constantly nagging me to allow my baby consume plain water, telling me that it is harmless and they have done this in the past and nothing went wrong, etc etc.

While feeling kinda frustrated, I did try to open up and allow my baby to small sips or a teaspoon of plain water (to clear her throat after milk feeding session), however she has not been taking it well - always rejecting and ended up pushing it out from her mouth.

Despite loving to see her making the "eeee.. yuck" expression when she drinks plain water, I had decided to stop plain water for a while as it was not convenient and I did not want to make my baby suffer by feeding her something which she dislikes.

For #dccybaby who loves to drink milk and had been refusing to drink plain water, surprisingly for the first time I see her gulping up the water from Mimijumi baby bottle like there is no tomorrow. It worked like magic and I was so amazed!!! :O

What sorcery is this?!?!


Mimijumi Baby Bottle Parts


Here is my take on the Mimijumi Baby Bottle.

  • Ergonomic and creative. Mimijumi baby bottle has a very unique & stylish appearance of its own which stands out from all the other baby bottles in the market.
Look and Feel
  • Cute and striking (overall)
  • Firm to grip/hold (bottle's body)
  • Soft and supple as mom's skin, skin-like tone (teat/nipple)
Ease of use
  • Very easy for filling and cleaning due to its wide opening (no spillage)
  • The ergonomic angle promotes a more comfortable feeding
Baby's response (like / dislike)
  • Totally loving it!
Baby using Mimijumi Baby Bottle

  • Breast-like nipple promotes successful latch and minimizes nipple confusion
  • Anti-colic venting system
  • No-skid bottom which is stable and resists tipping
  • BPA, Latex and Lead free
  • One piece teat, rather than the traditional teat & attachment ring (2-pc) - faster & easier bottle preparation
  • Eases transition between breast and bottle
  • Nipple/teat is a bit too straight (I noticed tiny drops of milk squirting out from the sides when my baby feeds. Not sure if it is due to my baby's drinking habit though. I personally prefer the teat to be more curvy - like Philips Avent bottle's teat.)
  • May be hard to see the contents (ml/oz) from a top view due to the angled opening
  • Difficult to clip/lock on the travel lid (It falls off easily and quite often with the slightest pressure or accidental push, hence it gets me worried about the hygiene factor - whether the teat will get contaminated with bacteria or dirt.)
Mimijumi Baby Bottles

Mimijumi Baby Bottle comes in 2 variations:
  • Not So Hungry (120ml / 4fl oz)
  • Very Hungry (240ml / 8fl oz)
Natural-flow nipple comes in 2 variations:
  • Flow Rate 1, slow flow nipple for 0-12 months
  • Flow Rate 2, fast flow nipple for 6 months and older
Simple but extraordinary. 
Find out more on Mimijumi's website or watch the video below.

Disclaimer: Princess_YEN was not paid for this product review. These are just honest opinions from a mother.

About Mom

I have been (and still is) really emotional.

Becoming a mother had changed me & my life in a lot of ways.

I came to realize that...

(i) Mothers and Daughters are closest when Daughters become Mothers
Before this, I did not understand why my mum would do certain things and nag me very oftenly. Now that I am a mother myself, I realized that her actions are all out of her abundant love for me and that she cares about me very much. I have learnt how to treasure her better as how I would treasure my own daughter. Mama I Love You!

Mothers and Daughters are closest

(ii) When you are a Mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts... A Mother always has to think twice, once for Herself and once for Her Child...

Yes it is true. I never knew that I could ever worry for another being as much before. But nowadays, I think about my child a lot! Whenever I go somewhere without my child, I cannot seem to really enjoy or be so carefree as I kept on thinking whether my child is eating well, sleeping well, feeling well, away from all harm & danger, etc etc... And so now I know, that I am not alone at all.

A Mother always has to think twice

(iii) I didn't lose myself when I became a Mother. I found myself.

I learned the true meaning of a Mother. A mother is great because she is willing to make lots of sacrifices and face all hardships in life, all for the sake of her precious child. As a new mom, you may think that you cannot do it or that you may not be as good; but do not worry, let nature take its course and it will lead the way to a journey you find worthy of. GOD has made us who we are, and all mothers share the same sentiment - they care & love their child. Well, I am just so proud and happy to be a mother now (though tiring)! My life has a whole new meaning added to it. :D

(iv) Mothers and Daughters - they always share a special bond - though near or far apart - the words that would describe it - are written on the heart

Needless for words. Despite whatever uneventful thing that happened in between a Mother and her Daughter, you will know that you still love one another very much. You may quarrel, argue, and whatever not; but then it does not change the fact that you still love your mother/daughter. At times, you may find that your mother/daughter understands you well enough to know what you are thinking or what you wanna do. Somehow there is this magical connection which exists, it could be telepathy (or not), but then the bond simply is too strong to just break.

(v) Mothers hold their children's hands for a short while but their hearts forever

They say that one keeps their most precious memories in one's heart. A mother bears, delivers, takes care and nurtures her child. Throughout this whole journey, she keeps all the ups and downs inside her heart and never complain much. It is because her love for her child is too great. A mother will never stop caring and loving her child because it is just too precious to her.

Btw just to share, I have been caught up with a Korean drama which I highly recommend to watch.
It is called All About My Mom - 부탁해요, 엄마

It is about a girl's love-hate relationship with her mother. She dreams of becoming independent from her family, especially from her mother. But after falling in love and getting married, she experienced difficult times with her mother-in-law and begin to understand her mother for the first time. Very touching storyline! And I love the cast too.

p.s. I am getting easily addicted to all things motherly nowadays. Mother-related movies, dramas, tv shows, quotes, books, articles, images, etc. LOL. People say every thing changes when one becomes a mother, oh well it is true I guess!

p.p.s. Sorry if you had been expecting a post about my mom. I understand the content had absolutely nothing about my mom. I promise I will do a proper post about my mom some other time ya. :P

p.p.s. I wanna shout out to my mom (although she may not be reading this), "MOM, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! And thank you for loving me all these while."